Push Framework has the ability to profile it self and send real time report of its performance and connected clients activities. This report can be directly collected on a client-side Dashboard application or on a server-side Analytics server that historizes the information into a database.

The following is a list of data that is collected :

  • Clients ( logins rate, logouts rate, stay duration, bounce rate, ip information, geographic location)
  • Bandwidth (total inbound and outbound, bandwidth per Service, bandwidth Avg per connection for both inbound traffic and outbound traffic)
  • Performance (Requests rate per Service, Processing Time per Service, Global Processing Time or throughput)
  • Broadcasting Queues (Data push rate, Send rate, Avg send rate per connection)
Follow the Dashboard Deployment Guide to understand how to put in place this feature. The Dashboard User Guide explains how to interprete the data displayed by the Dashboard. Finally, resort to the Analytics Server Deployment Guide to understand how you deploy the Analytics Server and integrate a GeoIP database.


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