Server Library :

Push Framework Library is an Open Source software released under the Apache License 2.

  • Source code :  Checkout the latest development version from this public repository at CodePlex :
    Alternatively, you can download the latest stable release here :
  • Building : The source code comes with Visual Studio Project files (2008) for Windows and Netbeans Makefiles for Linux targets.

Additional Modules For Real-time Monitoring and Remote Control

These modules are free additions to the library.

  • The Dashboard is used to remotely access and control any Push Framework powered server. It is provided as a Flash Applet you can either use as a desktop program or a browser-based application deployed on a Web Server.
  • For the Dashboard to succeed a direct connection with the remote server, a cross domain policy file should be serviced on the same server machine. This restriction is imposed by Adobe. We solve this issue by providing you with a server application that you deploy server side and which will automatically communicate back the policy file at time when the Dashboard tries to establish a connection with the peer PF-based server. Get the source code for the Flex Policy Provider from the main repository. It is found under: and benchmarks/flexpolicyserver

Source Code Material For Demos and Example Applications

These sources can be found in the “Samples and Benchmarks” subdirectory of the public SVN repository and they are also released under the Apache License 2.

  • TCPSocket : a C++ Library Project that wraps an asynchronous socket. Useful for C++ client applications that want to talk to Push Framework and design a symetric protocol. This project is required by all major demo applications presented in this website. Please note that it depends on Push Framework, however, the dependency is only about the protocol classes : Protocol, IncomingPacket and OutgoingPacket, so you can copy these and break the dependency between this client module and the server framework :
  • XMLProtocol : a useful protocol implementation that uses XML. Can be easily integrated with a Push Framework -server or a C++ client using TCPSocket module :
  • Chat Application : The Source code for the Demo application presented in the Complete Tutorial section. The Source code depends on Push Framework, TCPSocket and XMLProtocol :
  • QoS Validation Example. This is the source code for the Client-Server application developed for the purpose of validating the QoS features of Push Framework. The application depends on Push Framework and TCPSocket module :
  • Google ProtoBuf integration module and demo application : To use Google Protobuf protocol with Push Framework you can re-use the provided DLL project. A working example in form of a Client + Server programs is also provided. Note that these depend on Push Framework, TCPSocket and Google ProtoBuf which you must download from Google :


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