History of changes

Changes :

  • May 30th, 2011, Third release 1.3
    This version includes support for Linux. Two epoll queues were used as counter part to IOCP on Windows. Demux and Dispatcher handle IO readiness instead of IO completion. One source package targets both plateforms. The Linux version is available in the form of a Netbeans C++ project.
    Also updated the Chat application example by porting the server part to Linux so it can be tested with the client side modules (Chat Client+ Chat Robots) available in Windows.
  • March 14th 2011, Second Release 1.2

    • Push Framework
      • Added Multi-Protocol support
      • Added Access Control
      • Refactored the Dispatcher class.
      • Refactored Profiling data publishing ( See MonitorBroadcastManager and Dispatcher)
    • Website and Support Material
      • Added QoS validation example
      • Added Benchmark Section
      • Added Google ProtoBuf integration.
      • Published the source code of the Chat Server and Client example. Also the Source code for Multi ChatBots Simulator
      • Support document are now in form of web article, instead of PDF files
    • Dashboard
      • Published the Source Code for FlexLicenseProvider
  • July 3rd 2010, Initial Release 1.1
    • Pusblished an alpha version at CodePlex
    • Push Framework website is online with support documents, articles and other material
    • Dashboard is a free addition to Push Framework for in-house analytics