Looking at the dashboard

We only need to connect the Dashboard to our live server to see what is happening there.
To make the server busy, we create a new project able to lauch multiple connections to the server and simulate multiple chat participants sending and receiving chat messages.
We’ve activated profiling using a sampling rate of 10 sec ( ie 0.1 Hz).
From the above visitors tab, you can see the number of clients connecting each 10 sec (about 70). Examining the Visit Duration dashlet, each client is staying for about 40s.

The bandwidth tab shows different dashlet reporting badwidth statistics.

For information on how to use and interpret the Dashboard please read the “Dashboard User guide” available in the support section of this website.

The following tab shows different dashlets with performance statistics.  It is easy to read server responsivity and server throughput. It is also possible to understand which services are time consuming and which services are much sollicited (#requests) :

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