Use Case


The challenge

Chess players constantly look for opponents with comparable strength and with whom they can “sit” and play real time chess. Offering players the opportunity to use the internet so to instantly find such opponents and play chess like in real world is a major gift.Toward the ability to manage a large number of online players who can discover each other, maximizing the chance that evryone can find a suitable opponent, Chess Composer used Push Framework as a foundation for its server side application.

The solution

The server streams direct and broadcast traffic to desktop clients that translates all that into spontaneous interface notifications and items. For example, it displays players on a virtual globe, routes game moves and in-game chats to separate game windows which the user can switch between at his pace.

All real time activities are managed by the Push Framework- powered server in an efficient way thanks to the low rate of data exchanged between the server and the remote clients. In fact, unlike web applications, no user interface information is sent : only the minimum control data, and users who experience so bad connection that they their browser barely succeeds to shows Google’s icon in the webpage, can nevertheless still play without any problem.
The website servs to the display of news and overall news along with past games database recorded by the realTime server.

QoS features in Push Framework enables the righteful share of each type of information in the bandwidth that is available per user. Aside from many information that requires the immediate relay of information to special connection in the processing stage of requests that come from other connection, broadcasting channels are extensively used to stream following info :

  • players list, so each player can see others who are connected as well
  • active games list, so each player can see ongoing games and decide to watch one
  • public challenges, so each player can see other players who ask for a game and finally accept one
  • public chat rooms messages