.Net Core

If you code in C# instead of C++, and want to deploy your server in operating systems such as Linux, then this version of Push Framework is very suitable to you.

Similar to the C++ version, this is also an open source framework (under the Apache license 2.0) that allows you to create high performance, multi-threaded servers with ease. Source code is hosted at the following location in Gitbub:


Push Framework is perfectly capable of empowering sophisticated Single Page Web applications using modern tools and libraries. Read here how you can use it with Web Applications using Angular.

Building your server using Push Framework gives you the unique benefit of monitoring your server operations using a sophisticated Dashboard that retrieves measures from diverse metrics. This helps you stabilize your application and have a full control of its performance and behavior.  Read more about this in the Analytics page.

List of features and advantages

  • Multithreaded, scalable IO model.
  • Clear abstraction of protocol, serialization, and developer business code.
  • Multiple end points can be defined each one using a different stack of layered protocols.
  • Can behave similar to WCF: services can be defined and methods be called automatically.
  • Can handle long-lived connections using duplex mode of operation where both request-response commands can flow along side with asynchronous brodacast messages.
  • Broadcast queues can be defined to stream data from server to clients. QoS rules can be applied.
  • With a single API call, the library can start profiling itself and send regular statistics to a configured Analytics server which will store data for later analysis and consumption using a Web Dashboard.